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From quiet candles to roaring fires -

you will find your sound here!

Full Album in highest quality for € 10,00



Currently 1 File and growing​

400 MB (highest quality)

max 32 bit floating point 192 khz (BUY NOW)

max 24 bit integer 192 khz (BANDCAMP)

Play length: Approx. 1h 30 min

Unlimited Downloads

Fully UCS compatible

Royalty-Free (License Agreement)



Since there are so many audio formats out there we decided to record in the highest quality possible for todays standards. All files in our COMPLETE BUNDLE and our separate available libraries are available in their original form.

In our case 32 bit floating point / 192 kHz. What does this mean?


You can download our files on BANDCAMP which gives you a lot of freedom in terms of file formats and availability. Also you can purchase and download single files out of an album.

With a free BANDCAMP Account you get noticed every time we upload a new album.

Before purchase you can listen to the full tracks. After purchase there is unlimited download and streaming available to you. At any time and any point in the world!

The maximum quality on BANDCAMP at this time is 24 bit integer / 192kHz.


With our COMPLETE BUNDLE you purchase all our files in one BIG Library

in the highest quality possible. And this library grows every month!

With a ONE TIME PURCHASE you get all our future updates for free.

All our separate libraries are also available in the highest quality under the BUY NOW button.

Perfect for sound designers, filmmakers, musicians, producers and everyone

who is interested in sounds!

Feel free to contact us for further assistance.

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